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8th notes

Welcome to Dave Wiesler's home page. Dave is one of the nation's premier pianists for country dances and various forms of ballroom dance.
Photo of Dave with his Roland FP8 and Cookie Mazda.

April, 2018

I am nearing the mixing stage on a long-overdue recording of some of my waltzes. Long-time colleagues Alexander Mitchell, Paul Oorts, and Ralph Gordon are collaborating with me on this, and we're getting lots of assistance from Jamie Platt, who commissioned all (!) of these waltzes from me over the past decade. We laid down tracks early last summer, and I've been slowly editing the tracks together and doing a little overdubbing. It gets more exciting as the project shapes up, and I'm looking forward to having these waltzes recorded and showcased by such a great band. Stay tuned.

I've been involved also with in transcribing and typesetting music for a couple of projects. Jenna Simpson's book of English country dances, Under the Influence, and Hanneke Cassel's first book of original tunes have both come out in the last few months. I'm at work on another similar project now. At some point, I suppose, I need to do the same for my own tunes, since it has been nearly two decades since my only tunebook came out. Again, stay tuned.

Highlights of upcoming events include:

  • My camps this summer (2018)
    • July 6-9: Pinewoods Scottish Session 1
    • August 12-19: CDSS Adult and Family Week at Timber Ridge
  • Balls and weekend events
    • Scottish: April 14, 2018: Rerr Terr (NJ)
    • Mostly contra: April 27-29, 2018: Chesapeake Dance Weekend
    • Viennese Waltz May 5, 2018: An Evening With Strauss (Glen Echo)
    • Scottish: May 11-13, 2018: Pawling Weekend
    • Mostly English: June 1-3, 2018: Spring Dance Weekend
    • Scottish: Sept 14-16, 2018: Scottish Weekend
    • Scottish: Dec. 31, 2018: Delaware Valley Hogmanay Ball

In addition to dates above, there's the usual mix of contra dances, waltzes, and similar events. See my calendar for a full listing.